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Ready-made feed for beekeeping

Honey is the natural food for bees. As the beekeeper removes the honey from the combs, the bees must be given an alternative. Supplemental feeding is also required for the maintenance of breeding activity (gap in nectar flow), the forming of new colonies and the queen breeding.
Replacement bee feeds have an impact on the health and productivity of the bee population. As such, the choice of the right feed is of great significance. Their natural food, honey, consists essentially of fructose, glucose, and sucrose. Any alternative food should therefore consist primarily of these important nutrients. S�dzucker sucrose-based bee feeds totally satisfy these requirements in maintaining the perfect form of nutrition for your bees.
Other bee feeds, such as starch based products, offer a completely different composition, and are therefore not truly based on the natural diet of the bees.
Thanks to their ideal composition, extremely high purity and consistently high quality standards, S�dzucker sucrosebased feeds are the perfect form of nutrition for your bees. Many years of experience and a wealth of expertise in development and manufacturing of bee feeds make S�dzucker your reliable partner--for the well-being of your colonies.