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Micro-fine paste feed

Apifonda is a ready-made feed in paste form that is composed mainly of sucrose. It contains micro-fine crystals which are in average smaller than 1/100 millimeters. Every single crystal is coated with a thin film of syrup made of dissolved sugars, which prevents the clumping and crusting of the crystals. Therefore Apifonda can be easily carried off by the bees and swallowed directly.

Apifonda - advantages at a glance

  • ready to use without time-consuming preparations
  • no need to add water as long as the bees are able to fly out
  • highest purity and stable consistency
  • effortless extraction and ingestion by the bees
  • can be kept for months if carefully stored
  • also suitable for migratory beekeeping

Typcial uses

spring stimulation, gaps in the nectar flow, early winter feeding, forming of new colonies

Winter feeding

Place a 15 kg block with wrapper in the empty feeder. Only remove the wrapper in the area of the opening.

Feeding small quantities

Remove the wrapper from a 2.5 kg package either completely or partially, depending on the size of the colony. Put the block either directly into the hive or into the feeder.

Practical advice

Our bee feed products should be stored at constant temperature, not below 15 �C.