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Cost-benefit ratio of the various bee feeds

In comparing the costs and benefits of the various bee feeds, it is not sufficient just to consider the retail price of the individual feeds. The real cost can only be assessed on the basis of the amount of each kind of feed which is deposited in the combs and is thus available to the bees as a source of nutrient.
A comparison of Apiinvert with sucrose solution shows that the cost per kg of deposited feed is about the same. This is due to the higher solids content of Apiinvert, which means that utilization of the feed syrup is roughly 15 % higher than for a 3:2 sucrose solution.
When the cost of Apiinvert is compared with that of commercially available starch-conversion products, the starch-conversion products initially seem to be better value. It must be remembered, however, that a considerable proportion of the starch-based feed deposited in the comb cannot be utilized by the bees.