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Various bee feeds

Ready-made feed based on sucrose

Sucrose-based bee feeds have been produced for decades by S�dzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt, Germany. These feeds are ready-to-use products that meet all the nutritional needs of bees. Consequently, they are a great help to beekeepers since they can be fed directly to the bees without any additional preparation.


is a syrup containing sucrose and its building blocks, fructose and glucose - the substances that make up 90 % of the solids in flower honeys. Apiinvert contains no forms of sugar that are not easily digestible. The high proportion of fructose means that the product shows little tendency to granulate in the honeycomb, even at low temperatures. Thus it is almost impossible for bees to starve with a full honeycomb. Thanks to its composition, Apiinvert is an ideal bee feed, especially for winter feeding.


is a paste-like, ready-made feed consisting largely of sucrose. It contains microcrystals each of which is coated with a thin film of syrup. These can be carried off easily by the bees and swallowed directly. Apifonda is suitable as spring stimulation feed, for closing gaps in the nectar flow and for early winter feeding.