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Syrup with fructose

Apiinvert is a syrup of extremely high purity. It is made up exclusively of sucrose and its building blocks fructose and glucose. For that reason Apiinvert contains no forms of sugar that strain the digestive tract. The high proportion of fructose means that the product shows little tendency to granulate in the honeycombs, even at low temperatures and so prevents starvation of the bees.

Apiinvert - advantages at a glance

  • ready to use, no need to add water
  • high fructose level, ideal consistency
  • high solid content means optimum feed utilization
  • microbiologically stable, long shelf life
  • also suited for use with dish feeders
  • rapid deposition in the comb thanks to a composition synonymous honey

Typical uses

gaps in the nectar flow, late winter feeding

Direct feeding from the bucket

Press the feed lid on firmly (1) and peel off the cover film (2). Place the upturned bucket horizontally in the beehive (3). After the bucket is turned upside down, about half a liter of Apiinvert will flow out of the holes in the lid, until a vacuum forms in the bucket. From then on, the bees will take only the amount of feed they need from the openings in the lid.
Place the upturned bucket on two wooden spacers

Feeding small quantities

Make 3 to 5 holes (approximately 1 mm in diameter) in a 2.5 kg package, and place it on the frames.

Practical advice

Our bee feed products should be stored at constant temperature, not below 15 °C.


Apiinvert can, of course, also be fed to the bees using existing feeders.